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puracon completes audit with zero deviations

In addition to previous years and under the new leadership of Nicole Wudl, our quality management and quality assurance team, managed to score the annual ISO 13485/2016 certificate, in context of our DEKRA audit and revealed, yet again, no deviations. Since the acquisition by SHS in 2016, we can proudly look back at a history of DEKRA with ZERO deviations, as well as successful FDA audits. The existential meaning of quality for our success, is deeply rooted in our employees´ DNA. Our auditors were very impressed by the passion, seriousness and discipline our employees perform and live, concerning quality. Quality is the product of passionately paying attention to details. It´s the foundation of our business model, in order to provide our customers with the highest security and reliability.



Countdown for the “puracon Coaching Day” starting on 08.03.19

The decisive contribution to our success is made by the people behind puracon. Only together we can achieve our goals.

For this reason, we at puracon have decided to give all employees the opportunity to take part in a unique further training event and to invite them to our “puracon Coaching Day” on 8 March 2019.

The countdown is running and we are all very excited about this day!

In order to enable all employees to participate in this unique event, we ask our customers to understand that there is only limited availability on this day.

In case of emergency we can be reached at 08031-900587-13.


1st place at the International Packaging Design Student Competition

puracon GmbH congratulates its packaging engineer Leonie Strohbeck on receiving the WPO WorldStar Student Award. The “TheShellbox” packaging, developed by Leonie Strohbeck and her team, was awarded the WPO Prize 2018 and is thus among the top 3 of the world’s best student packaging of the year.

The Shellbox is an environmentally friendly pistachio packaging made of cardboard. It serves not only as product packaging, but also for presentation and as a storage container for the pistachio shell. Thanks to its reclosability and easy disposal, it is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional plastic packaging. More about the innovative packaging concept can be found here.

The WorldStar Student Awards are presented by the World Packaging Organisation and are designed to promote the talents of students in the field of packaging. The WPO’s worldwide visibility gives the winners the opportunity to make a professional impact and facilitate their entry into a professional packaging career.

At puracon, we are proud that Leonie Strohbeck enriches our team and helps us to support our customers with innovative medical packaging developments.


Coaching program for puracon employees started

Quality is the key to the success of our company. The people behind puracon make the decisive contribution to this success. We want to further promote our employees according to their individual potential.

For this purpose, a coaching program for employees and executives from all departments began on 18 November 2018. This training is led by the experienced coaching team Dirk and Helke Schwarzer from Checkpoint im Oberaudorf.

The aim of the training was to improve the interdisciplinary cooperation between the departments and thus to increase the satisfaction of both the customers and the employees.

The 2 1/2 day program was very challenging. It was not only a lot of fun for everyone involved, but it also greatly increased cohesion, communication and motivation.

“An intense and great experience that has laid the foundation for a whole new team consciousness.”

Anne R., Administration

“A very changing, incredible experience that I will not forget so quickly. I am looking forward to more experiences and what the future holds for our team. “

Tanja L., Sales

“The coaching showed me that most of the limits exist only in one’s own head and that you can achieve anything with teamwork and an open mind.”

Simon H., Business Development & Regulatory Affairs





Puracon is successfully certified after EN ISO 13485:2016

In April 2018 puracon successfully converted its certification from EN ISO 13485:2012 and AC:2012 to EN ISO 13485:2016.

Unlike its previous version, the EN ISO 13485:2016 highlights the risk-based approach of processes even more, which is implemented accordingly and being used by all employees at puracon.

Therefore the EN ISO 13485 forms the foundation of the quality requirement at puracon regarding processes, suppliers, employees and consequently also the quality of the delivered products – our motto isn’t for nothing: Quality accomplishes satisfaction for customers and safety for patients, user and third parties!


The new certificat can be downloaded HERE.